Saturday, September 6, 2008

September 6, 2008

Wow, it's been really busy for me lately.

I have been up to a lot lately.....I love school. My teacher is giving me special homework now because she says I am advanced and need the challenge. I love doing my homework. Last week I had a special job in my classroom. It was the answer me hat job.....everyone got to ask me questions. One time I got to have the job of nurse. I had to help when someone got hurt or sick to make sure they got to the office ok.

My baby brother turned 1 last week. We had a big party on Sunday. Lots of my friends came to play.

My daddy put our seesaw on our new swingset that he built. I have been waiting for him to get this part up for a while. I love to swing on the seesaw.

I started soccer practice last week. I had practice again last night and man was it cold. This morning is my first game. I hope we win. We are playing on different fields this time so we have to leave earlier than before. My game is at 11.

Tonight I am going to a sleepover at Naia's house for her birthday. It is a Hannah Montana party. We are going to do dress up, make up and play. I can't wait.

Tomorrow Ian has his first baseball game of the season. We are going to the preemie reunion tomorrow too. We will get to see all of Gavin's doctors and nurses that took care of him last year. It will be fun. I hope I can get my face painted again this year!

Well.....that's it for now. I need to get ready for my game......Go Little Mermaids!!



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